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Balance is a collection of (3) volumes of gems that Author Ron Gallo has dug up to provide spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God’s word, to balance oneself. They will catch any readers eye and keep their attention for many reasons, one of which the book in three volumes is all written differently from other books, with a different format and flavor that gets tastier with each turn of the page.

Volume Two: The Spider, the Ant and More Wisdom

Did you know that you can learn how the Lord wants you to live in the Christian life by looking at a spider and an ant? Yes, God points out the smallest and most hideous of creatures and advises man to look at these to learn about wisdom, he never mentions look at man. Do you see where Gods priorities are? What does a leaf, a web, or a tiny piece of paper has that relates to my walk with God? Find out, along with more gems from the treasury vault that inspire.