Ron Gallo is a retired forty-year veteran park ranger. Ron is the author of five other books and eight booklets on fishing. He resides in Florida, and has three children along with his wife Joanne who is a Christian school teacher. He is a graduate of Florida State University, and has a wealth of experience not only studying spiders and ants through his position as a park ranger, but just life in general, of God has used him through many triumphs and tragedies to accomplish God’s mission. Ron wants to bring these experiences he has learned by, that it would you through your life’s journeys. Ron being in the outdoors as a ranger was able to see what many people overlook, these small creatures that the Lord said he wants all of us to learn wisdom by. By looking at the spider and the ant, you will see God’s direction on how to live the Christian life. Yes, through the spider from his word in Proverbs 30. These experiences from his four books will not only enrich your Christian walk with the lord, but give you a deeper understanding of God, and he can manifest his glory through the “little things in life, not the big.”