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Bat out of China

This book started about ten years ago as a very short document to record all Tening Liu’s recollections about his mother, Mu Chen Liu. Her love, courage, and grace have influenced my life and the lives of many people around her during her time on this earth. Many good friends had encouraged him to write something about her. With limited recollections, he wrote as much as he could, but hoped that it would just be the beginning of the work that he wanted to finish later. Recently, he added recollections about his father, Ching Wu Liu, with the hope that these stories might be an encouragement to others. Some of the stories are similar, but are told from the two different perspectives of each of his parents.

The book introduces a Chinese family, the relationships among the members, and the upbringing of the children. Because of the loving and inspiring family relationships that Tening Liu experienced, he offers his observations and interpretation of how his mother, Mu Chen, elevated her children’s abilities to have successful educational accomplishments and professional achievements, and how my father, Ching Wu, guided his family’s survival. The details of his family members’ interactions and human behaviors in-spired him to share his discoveries of the source of their inner strength and potential, as seen at various levels of contribution to their society and country, China. Those observations led him to speculate that the source of the energy, grace, and courage to accomplish great things did not come from depending on personal efforts, but from a certain mysterious inner strength and drive. This source can be traced in almost all the families who have played important roles in governing their local areas and the country of China at large for generations. He hopes his views may remind readers to look at the progress of the country that was built and is still being built with peace and love in the minds of the leaders.