The Mystics of the Green Head Red Eyed Loon

This very strange, bizarre (More like Weird) story begins in the Dade County area of Miami Florida U.S.A. The Corlene Mafia Family Cartel (CMFC) a branch of the Cosa Nostra from Palermo, Sicily owns and operates three Beautiful very popular Hotel and Casino Complex’s. One is located in Dade County Florida, U.S.A. One is located in Hamilton, Bermuda and one is located in Guayama, Puerto Rico. To bring these three complexes closer together business wise this CMFC has purchased four new Cruise Ships they plan on sailing from Dade County to these other two complexes. As you read this “Weird” story and you enjoy Pleasure Ship Cruises that sail our Great Oceans you may have some second thoughts before you book your next Cruise Ship vacation. All goes well for this New Cruise line until three Major Problems start to invade the operation. Problem one is the possibility of attacks by NAZI German U-Boats. Problem two is the demand to take control of these ships for Military use by the Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini and Problem three are attacks by Megalodons e.g. the (Giant Green Head Red Eyed Loon). These Giant Green Head Red Eyed Loons are a Myth based on ancient Folklore but are now reported as real.