These two stories put power in the hands and minds of you – teenagers. In school K-12 you are bombarded with Critical Race Theory and grooming or transgenderism every day. You are pressured to feel bad about yourself, forced to divide into artificial groups, see yourself as the “oppressor” or the “oppressed,” and question your sexuality well before you ever experience it. But these stories will show you the truth about many of the troubling issues you are subjected to. Thus they empower you to confront the stuff schools are infecting you with. These stories let you see the truth you will never get in school or other books. And they will enable you to argue these issues when confronted with the misinformation teachers tell you.

OPPORTUNITY – THE WAY BACK FROM CRITICAL RACE THEORY pits students, who are being tutored after hours by an African American lawyer and father of one of the students, against their history teacher. The dialog is full of facts and truths about slavery, Critical Race Theory ((CRT), diversity, inclusion and equity (DIE) and shows how minorities are particularly damaged by such instruction. In the end the students see the opportunities America offers them and shows the bogus crippling of students that CRT and DIE do.

CHOICES – THE WAY BACK FROM GROOMING The second story is about a 12 year-old who wants to star in track and decides to identify as a girl and compete on the girl’s team. It exposes the pressure put on students to transition, the lose-lose damage such a situation causes to the transgender and those around him or her – friends and family – and the bogus notoriety the school gets along with school administrators, teachers unions, and the medical industry. The story delves into actual experiences of transgender, but has a tragic ending which could have been avoided.