Criminal behaviors take place every day. It is up to us to heal from them. Naturally, physical assault can lead to much depression, anxiety, and durable fiascos. Eternal joy is a promise for all who come to Jesus Christ enlisting his assistance to fill all the holes dug in the wrong places.

The Cookie Monster is a tale about beauty arising from destruction, probably the only notable work of this kind. Lonnie P. Anderson takes you on a journey through forgiveness and overcoming, never giving up on the faith, joy, and hope that are ours for the taking. Workmanship and steady philosophical hope takes place throughout an incandescent and provocative emblem of desire. Love is a reward for those who search for and find the companionship of the Lord Jesus.

Belligerent denial of obstructive cantankerous situations miffs the truth of good opinion and disastrous deceit, where leaning on lies sends you down to the bottom. History depletes natures of soliloquy and pardonable, individual complications of remorse.

Repercussions give grace to interludes of stress and overcoming, where faith complies with nature and becomes spiritually renewed. Antagonism resists our efforts to destroy evil, yet we can resist those most ignoble forces of destruction patterned after lost or suicidal redemption.

Cookies were made for cookie monsters and cookie kings. Let this elaborate epic saga grace you in learning about the “baker”, our Father in Heaven and the cookie monster whose attributes refine and conclude with victory. Baskets of cookies roam our world today. See firsthand what a cookie monster can do.