Welcome to the world of Baby and the Beast. Curses fall and blessings abound. Mistreated by her father and her brother all through her youth, Baby Pollyanna emerges as a stout Christian who relies on God to carry her through.

Lonnie P. Anderson hits the mark as she writes about the lost and forlorn and the lost and condemned. Jesus came to save the lost and forlorn. Now we know that the “Rapture” has come to earth, as Lonnie walks us through heaven and discards the wicked into hell. There are many ways in, but one true way, and that is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

A little about the Rapture goes a long way in offering hope, and encouragement, and eagerness to meet the Lord in the sky. He comes, he is coming, with his angels. Terrified of hell without knowing why, Baby Pollyanna’s adoptive dad is already on the path to destruction, and hideous intent.

Her brother, as well is found wicked and not worthy, having raped his sister more than once.

Baby falls and goes into a coma. She dreams about the reality of heaven on earth. She opens the door to eternal paradise with her heart.

Lonnie weaves a tale of love and of horror, intent on setting the righteous straight and the wicked condemned already. Find hope in Baby and the Beast, as we look toward the future and walk in the grace that heaven provides as we come to paradise through Jesus, and loving our God and our neighbor. The Rapture is here, the Rapture is now.