Archangels are widely recognized as God’s most important angels because of their interaction with humans. It is because of these noteworthy interactions with people that archangels are the most recognizable and well-known of all nine orders of angels.

Thus, A Book of Angels begins with a discussion of archangels.

Some religious texts have named seventy-two archangels of God, known as the “Angels of the Shem Hamephorash.”

The Eastern Orthodox tradition mentions thousands of archangels; however, only seven archangels are venerated by name.

Many believe that Archangel Gabriel was the First major angel mentioned, by name, during the course of time in the Bible.

Some believe that another archangel, Jophiel, was present in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

Three archangels—Raphael, Michael, and Gabriel—have been recognized by the Roman Catholic Church with sainthood. All Saints’ Day is celebrated on the First of November every year. There is a special feast day for these three archangels on September 29.

The anniversary honoring all guardian angels is established for October 2.

While Gabriel appears to Daniel in a dream and was present at the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (announcing the conception of Emmanuel), there was a battle at the beginning of time (as referenced in the book of Revelation) among God and Satan, Michael the Archangel, and Lucifer. Thus, St. Michael the Archangel would be the first archangel in world history.