At the beginning of Beware! There’s a Bully in Room 203!, Bartholomew Jones seems like your typical 7-year-old. However, the children in Ms. Peacock’s 2nd grade class call him Bart the Bully. The book paints a vivid description of Bart wreaking havoc at school. Bart fights with boys, teases little girls and makes them cry, throws food in the cafeteria, and is disrespectful to adults. Does Bart ever listen when anyone tries to talk to him about his bad behavior? No, he does not listen to his teacher, his parents, or even the principal, Mrs. Crocodill.

By the end of the story, there is a turning point in which Bart may listen to two people. Could it be possible that he does not want to be called “Bart the Bully” anymore? The ending is not tied up nice and neat in a bow, but is left open-ended. However, Room 203 at Green Meadows Elementary School may become a No Bully Zone after all.