The Artistic Voice

In the beginning was darkness,
And a change would occur in a place of nothingness;
Because the One; who is greater than all
decided to make the earth endless,
A unique, picturesque paradise—-alive with creatures of every kind,
With an enduring love for mankind—the earth not void.
Was this possible, to speak into nothingness
and thereby, make it something?
Created by One who is unseen, invisible but
visible through eyes of the believing?
The Maker spoke with one stroke, and darkness
became night—light became day—
Land and water, heaven and earth, divided—this, a new beginning.
He, the Artist, was delighted as He called forth herbs,
grass, trees, and more—all bearing seeds—yielding.
His Voice brought forth the sunlight—dawning—
And the moon and stars shining,
Giving them the right to rule; one for the
day, the other for night—shading.
All had come into being.
The heavens, the earth, and the waters were barren—
What next? What was He deciding?