Short Stories of Growing up in Milford and Other Faraway Places

This memoir is about alternative paths of viewing life. How the creative mind can set its own course. How youthful adventure can grow into something others may find terrifying. How youth can be fortunate to survive the folly of its own nature. How consequences are learned by practical experiences. How practical experiences become the most efficient teacher.

Having led an unconventional childhood, I was always captivated by unusual circumstances during my formative years. I grew up viewing life differently. To me, dangerous was adventurous. A challenge was something that required action. I sought creativity where others sought common place. The word “trite” was not in my vocabulary.

Creative inspiration pushed me towards my life’s goals. As I grew older, it was my love of unusual experiences that developed my mindset. I listened carefully to the advice those over 60 offered. I questioned what others ignored. I chose the direction of my life based on fulfillment rather than wealth. This memoir was written out of pure joy. Part adventure, part insight of the human condition, and part foolhardy examples of youth, this book will reveal a colorful perspective on life.

Happy reading.