the 5 THINGS

for clarity, control, and confidence

What now? That is the question. There is, and will always be, this one question: What now? Everything else is blah, blah, blah. Life is a constant series of decisions. Choice after choice after choice. While it is true that many of our “choices” are simply patterns being repeated or behaviors that are expected, the question always remains. What now? The beauty of being you, is that you have the ability to change your patterns and to honestly evaluate what others expect. We can change.

This book is invites readers to ponder the 5 THINGS that will help their improve experience.

A delightful, upbeat guide that will enhance your joy, your happiness, and your peace of mind. It is engaging, warm, highly insightful and presented in a down-to-earth, informal and intimate style.

—Becky Clifford Pride Falmouth, Maine

It captures all the great personal growth wisdom of the ages. Easy to read with lots of practical, real world actions steps. This book is a must have.

—Bill Merolle Chattanooga, Tennessee

I knew the book was powerful when I found myself wanting to give it to my kids . . . thought provoking and immensely practical. A book to read, practice and share.

—Jim Doyle Sarasota, Florida

I plan to read this multiple times! —Alison Huber Poolesville, Maryland