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The Death of Poverty Is Growth into Wealth is a personal development blueprint that helps in proffering solution to blind spots. The ideology of this book relies on the motion that we all have a poverty (financial, health, divorce etc) in our lives. Meanwhile, the best solution to poverty is to be conscious of it and develop yourself to the point of prosperity. Move over, the process of growth into prosperity is determined by many factors that are within and outside our control, those factors beyond our control we have no or little action we can do to mitigate the effect on us, but those factors within our control can effectively by utilize to our advantage. Unfortunately, many people are not aware about how to use the factors to free themselves from poverty. Fortunately, this book helps to diagnose your poverty status, give you awareness to various indicators that shapes your status, explore various growth solutions, and how to apply the solutions in order to start swimming in a lasting prosperity. Using historical and real-life case studies, as well as natural and social economic indicators like habitat, employment, social media, street, religion, and poverty to logically proffer insightful solutions. Therefore, if you want to grow into prosperity irrespective of your past and present circumstances, this book is for you.