When was the last time you or your friend looked at a spider or an ant, and learned principles that you can apply to your Christian life? Or even read it in another Christian book? Here, Ron Gallo as a former park ranger shares his experience of what God has shown him over the years when exploring nature.

Did you know when you see an object like a cigarette butt, piece of paper, or twig on a web, the spider is telling God’s saint’s aspects on Christian living from Proverbs chap. 30? Just constructing the web, its perseverance, stewardship, and adjustability will tell God’s saints how to live the Christian life. Like in Ron’s other books, Balance (Volume 2) and the children’s book Charlie the Spider and Friends, God uses the most “unlikely” to unveil his principles of walking with him as his saints.

Other gems Ron shares for Christian life’s principles is about “the garden,” the seed, learning from darkness, God’s vitamins, and many other fantastic wisdom and understanding emeralds in short bullet points. Whether in quotes, jokes, or commentaries, Ron does not sugarcoat anything so that the reader can get the truth about God.