Pillars of Creation

Ever since I was a young girl, I have looked up to the heavens with wonderment. For, we are mere infants in this infinite, vast universe.

Pillars of Creation delves deep into the mystical, (ancient aliens and the UFO phenomena). The cryptical, (demons and other ultra-terrestrials). And the biblical, (The Creator of the cosmos) with three chapters.

They’re Here, Man’s Fear and God’s Near.


I can only imagine an astronaut’s feeling of awesome wonderment when gazing at our planet earth from outer space.

TERRESTRIAL is a poetic trek creatively probing into a spiritual journey with three chapters. “Of The Seas” explores the mystery of the deep oceans. “Of The Breeze” is the amazing chemistry of the magical sky. “Of The Trees” how very grateful and thankful we need to be for the history within the world of forest.

Mary Martina Dockter

Mary Martina Dockter is a prolific poet. She has published four other poetry books: Evanesce, Enter the Labyrinth, Pillars of Creation and Pixie Dust. She has also authored a memoir of her childhood: The Oak Ridge Kids. Terrestrial is a heartfelt admiration for our awe-inspiring, earthly home, the third rock from the sun.