CASE ILLUSTRATIONS AND DISCUSSIONS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS AND JUNIOR RESIDENTS assists students especially junior ones to acquire the necessary skills in history taken, physical examination, important investigations and the management of surgical patients.

The methodology used was clinical history case demonstration and physical examination, summary of the important clinical investigations and their results, treatment offered and their outcome. Thereafter the aethopathology of the disease condition (where necessary), some modern investigations and their likely outcome, current treatment options available, complications of the disease condition and their likely differential diagnosis were discussed in outline fashion.

Repetitions in some of the topics is deliberate and inevitable. This is to give the student deep and reflective insight into the disease conditions, their mode of presentation and possible current management options available.

Some of the chapters have short vignettes, which is meant to be brain teasers for both undergraduates and post graduate students preparing for the surgical medical exams such as objective structured clinical examination ((OSCE), medical viva, written examination and clinical examination.

It is hoped to serve as a fast and focused revision guide to students of surgery and would be of immense assistance to students during ward round, ground-round and tutorials. It will improve their skill in case presentation, and in answering questions clearly, precisely and in unambiguous manner during their period of apprenticeship.

It is therefore not a replacement for standard textbooks of surgery and will only be useful to those who have read standard textbooks of surgery.