A Tale of Vultures and Wrath

Nedjem Thutmosid has been raised by her godfather, Djau, in Assyria, and later the Egyptian countryside- having no idea that they were on the run from the Kings soldiers. When Nedjem discovers the truth about her parentage and a secret engagement to the future Qore of Nubia, she in unsure how to feel.

Tossed into a world of plots and warcraft all in the faraway city of Kush, Nedjem realizes she has no idea who she really is, or even what she wants.

Torn between the call of duty- paired with a call to arms by her Aunt Ankhesenamun- and her old life on her father’s farm, Nedjem must decide what it is that she truly desires, a crown soaked in blood, or a simple life of obscurity.

Complicated by her feelings for the fiercely intelligent Princess of Kush, and a distaste for her fiance, Nedjem risks losing everything her Aunt has fought so hard for. But is a legacy of death really worth fighting for?