Max, V and Me

The Early Years

Charm Heart wasn’t the only one to have a gift. It was passed down secretly through generations. Only a select few were touched within her family with a variety of abilities in a spectrum of strengths and sensitivity.

Some of her ancestors had the gift of sight, and others were dreamers and had prophetic dreams. A few experienced phantom tastes in their mouth or smelt smells announcing someone dead was around them and wanted to communicate.

Some could feel and/or sense a deceased soul is near, and others could telepathically hear voices. They were all beacons to earthbound spirits that needed help and targets for demonic entities that tormented them.

Unfortunately for Charm, she has been touched with all the above, except for taste. These gifts manifested individually, by themselves at varied levels, at different times, and some were stronger than others.

She could not control any of her gifts completely, but with the help, exercises, and by practicing lessons taught by Max and V, she did become very good at calming them or ignoring them. Sometimes managing to somehow fade them out for years or dull the voices to a whisper, which depended on what was going on in her life, at that particular moment.

A few deceased ancestors and family members visit Charm from time to time in dreams as full-bodied apparitions, or while awake, in the form of balls of light. These soul orbs fade, zoom, zip by, or hover stationary in one place. Most affecting electrical appliances, draining and sapping up energy, to enable them to materialize and glow, to be seen and photographed by Charm.

For some people, her stories would be classed under the magical realism and non-fiction genre but Charm would file them under spiritual, super-natural or paranormal and everyday life.

Max, V and Me

The Continued Journey

Max, V and Me: The Continued Journey is the second in a series of books based on true life, spiritual, paranormal or supernatural events, that had occurred during different stages in Charm’s lifetime.

Guided by her guide Max and guardian angel V, Charm recalls tales about what had occurred during her 20s and early 30s regarding her tormented life’s spiritual, paranormal and supernatural journey, while she seeks healing, acceptance, and peace. This book also includes inspirational quotes and suggested music, the song names and the talented artists that sing those songs that accompanies each chapter’s story. The music expresses Max, V and Charm’s feelings, much more than they ever could write.