The Misadventures of Roger and Holly

Roger and his dog, Holly, live in a large white wooden house with a big backyard full of old oak trees. In the back corner of the yard, there is a very old, odd, and scary-looking oak tree; it’s larger than the other oak trees and casts a dark, spooky shadow over the ground.

One day, as they’re playing in the backyard, the roots of the scary tree suddenly drag them through a strange portal. Then Roger and Holly fall a long way down into a bed of slimy, slippery, smelly, rotten wet leaves and mud. At the bottom, Roger discovers that he can understand Holly when he speaks dog language. The two of them then begin an attempt to find their way out of the tunnel and make it back home from this strange new land where they’ve landed. Along the way they encounter several misadventures—mostly resulting from Roger’s ability to cause trouble. But can Roger and Holly find their way home?