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Power of the Mind Know Yourself

Your Hidden Unconscious-Mind

Know yourself – the real you within your layers of thinking.

The unknown potential which exists in each of us lies in our Unconscious-mind. As a medical doctor and plastic surgeon. Dr. Anthony Emmett had observed the way a patient’s health and well-being was influenced by the thoughts they held in their mind, especially their Subconscious and the deeper levels of that. Appreciation of Surgical results can be closely affected by the Self Image Body healing is run from the Unconscious mind. But how we feel about results is influences from the Subconscious.

Later when Dr. Emmett retired from surgery and retrained as an artist, he was given skilled help for a couple of years to explore in deeper levels of Consciousness. He had the intuitive desire to know who he really was – beyond the family identity he was born with. He had found in childhood the ways knowing could just arrive, and sought the source when given the opportunity.

The Subconscious is a working part of our everyday life and we use it all the time without knowing.

We are more influenced from the Unconscious mind than we may realize. We each have these four basic levels in our system which we explore through the book.

Our real identity and meaning is to be found in these deeper levels of Consciousness hidden away from the world. If you want to know more of your own meaning, then look within your Self. For it is all there, stored in the Unconscious levels of your mind.

The Joy and Power Of Your Eternal Self

Learn about your inner connections: Keep your faith but learn to see things in a new way; you are never alone, and inspiration, guidance and hope are never far away. We are all one in spirit. You are able to connect into your Eternal Self energy and abolish fear and worry, and to utilise the subconscious aspects of your mind to transform your life. You have the Eternal Spirit of God within, know that, and remember the love, peace and happiness of your soul. That which you seek you already are, for God is all things, and you are that.