When Wayne Kniffen’s future wife was a senior in high school, he was a thirty-year-old Vietnam veteran turned pastor who was married with three children. Not emotionally and spiritually mature enough to be anyone’s husband at that time, he was convinced that he would never know what it was like to be in a covenant relationship with someone he loved and who loved him back. Little did he know that over two decades later, he would meet that woman.

Within a touching retelling of the loving, godly relationship he shared with his second wife, Betty Ann, Wayne leads others down an inspirational path into their unique experiences, beginning with the day she transformed his world shortly after he had been served with divorce papers by telling him, “I’m in love with you.” While narrating their personal story of love, faith, unwavering trust, and loss, Wayne chronicles their journey together, from beginning to end, as he invited her to access the private chambers of his soul and ultimately committed to a covenant marriage that would last until Betty’s final breath before meeting Jesus at the gates of heaven.

My Proverbs Thirty-Two Woman is a moving tribute to the covenant of marriage between a senior pastor and his late wife as they faithfully committed to a life together.