Book Overview

During his last semester as superintendent of a school district in metro Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Morcease Beasley decided to visit all twelve high schools to speak to each senior class. Although the pandemic had clearly interrupted their lives and learning, he knew that life would not give them a pass because of those unique experiences.

Within an inspiring guide based on his talks, Dr. Beasley encourages students to prepare for the future in seven areas by developing intentional actions that result in a purposeful and productive life. While addressing academics, social skills, finances, spiritual health, physical health, political engagement, and relationships, he helps high school seniors and new graduates direct their focus as they enter adulthood and begin building a solid foundation to pursue their dreams. Through his wisdom, students will learn how to achieve academic success, develop sound social habits, improve and manage finances, become secure in spirituality, create a healthy lifestyle, stay politically engaged, and create lasting relationships grounded in love.

Seven Letters to Seniors is a concise guide that leads high school seniors and new graduates into adulthood through an inspiring roadmap that teaches how to build a life of purpose and progress.