Get off the Fence

Receiving God’s Fullness through Aligning the Heart and Mind

There are so many people in churches today who have a mind for God but struggle with the consistent alignment of their hearts and minds to flow in accordance with God’s direction. I call this struggle being on the fence. A person may know they want to fully serve God, project a Christian walk, involve their efforts in church activities, outreach, and missions, and overall be morally upright. Still, something is keeping them from a complete surrender, something possibly unidentifiable or an inward struggle of sorts.

Have you ever identified with this script? I have! Satan wants nothing more than for our hearts and minds to be out of alignment, because God wants nothing more than our hearts and minds in alignment with Him and His will, which is our surrender, so He can use us as He intends and for His purpose. God offers us His love, grace, and fullness, and the enemy uses shame, pride, and selfishness to distract us from God’s gifts. As humans, we all face the fiery darts of the enemy, but we have free choice at any time to receive all of God’s gifts and blessings, without any requirement except to ask.

This book takes you on a journey of a life lived on the fence without knowing it, allowing shame, pride, and selfishness to block God’s fullness. If you are a person who has uttered to yourself that you are not worthy of being used for God’s purpose because of things you have done, if you have had thoughts that God doesn’t love you as much as others, or if you find yourself overcompensating in areas due to low self-worth (shame), then this book was written for you.

If you are in church and believe by contrast that you are due leadership roles, think certain people don’t measure up, boast about your sacrifices, or brag about your humility (pride), please keep reading too. Do you find yourself being impatient, rude, or envious, having no regard for your behavior and how it may impact others or manipulating situations to make your point (selfishness)? Then this book is for you as well. Life on the fence can be comfortable because we can still function and be involved, and the enemy leaves us alone much of the time because his God blockers are in place—but we helped put them there.