Book Overview

As a nine-year-old child and a new Christian not knowing what Christianity was all about Gloria Fennell knew her life would be different now but How? What’s this Christianity all about?

In this book, she attempts to fill in the blanks for the things a “New Christian” needs to know besides the fact that “now I’m a Christian.” Questions Like: Now what? Where do I start? What’s the next step? Where do I go from here?

Gloria takes you along from her first experience of becoming a Christian, to growing up, to her adulthood, sharing her experiences with you as she tries to find her way. She experiences hard times, good and bad times but as she grows and finds her way the blanks begin to fill in one by one.

Her methodology is discussed in a way that if one knows nothing at all about what to do or what’s next, she will lead you down the path that led her to finding her answers.

Walk with her and see “Where It Began.”