Book Overview

The main theme of this 90 day devotional on the book of Exodus is worship. To worship is to honor with love and submission. Worship is a matter of the heart expressed through a lifestyle of praising him. Worship is (but is more than) singing, clapping, and raising hands. Worship is a lifelong commitment to follow our Lord. Worship is for everyday life.

This devotional puts an emphasis on worship in giving the reader ideas for different ways to worship. For example, the first devotional is on immigrants/ illegal aliens. Reading this may spur you as an activist to seek justice for those who are unwanted, providing for them with hospitality. As a person of prayer you may intercede for the immigrants that you know personally.

The format of this devotional is set so that you, your family, or small group can read a portion of Exodus and/or a related scripture followed by a suggested worship format. The worship may be a prayer, music, an activity, or a piece of art to view. It may be a concept to study or a phrase to contemplate. Try out the different formats, listen to the Lord, and learn new ways to worship.