Dose of Donna—Inspiring Lessons from Everyday Life—is a prescriptive photo essay of curated life lessons to inspire, encourage, and ignite the mind!

Dose of Donna was conceived in 2000 when I was doing what came naturally—dropping into my co-workers’ offices and providing them with laughs, a hug, and most importantly, words of encouragement. Before long, my visits became known as a “Dose of Donna.” Because I was passionate about this activity, I wondered over the past 20 years if this could be my full-time job. The thought never left my mind and so with that hope and aspiration, I started providing Doses in writing.

It is my sincere desire that people—those open, willing, and not literal in thinking—will be inspired and encouraged by the insights of my life’s journey. Basically, I’m following my mother’s advice: persevere through the valley times and celebrate the mountain top experiences. She was my encourager, inspiration, and coach. Could the Dose be yours?

Donna L. Goolkasian brings these pages alive in her speaking engagements where she inspires, encourages, and entertains audiences.