The Walls of Jericho

Seven Days of Worship

God does not want us separated from the things He has for us. Yet, circumstances in our lives, our pain, disappointments, hurt, and anger stand as walls of Jericho between us and God’s promises.

These emotions and circumstances in our lives often serve as disruptions to the wonders we were meant to experience. This faith-filled, interactive book is filled with notes and revelations to help you identify what stands between you and a complete relationship with God. More importantly, the book provides guidance so you can overcome these obstacles and bring down your walls of Jericho.

As you read, learn how to:

· take steps to be in alignment with God’s will;

· expand your capacity to forgive others;

· increase your faith in God;

· feel God’s presence, even in times of hardship. God does not want us bound and kept from the things He has for us because of the walls in our lives. Our heavenly Father has equipped us with everything we need to declare victory over all the circumstances we face. Discover the power of His message and surrender to His will with the lessons in The Walls of Jericho.