The Spirit Speaks the Gospels

God’s will is the theme of this book. Through all opposition, the plan of God must be accomplished and followed, no matter the adversity and the pain of inadequate and ineffectual feelings.

President George Washington, who some say prayed five hours a day, is an example of doing the will of God; when he crossed the Delaware River on Christmas night, and marched on Trenton. All of his staff was telling him how he was “out of his mind” * and how it could not be done.

Our previous president, President Donald Trump, who said, “Jesus Christ was his boss,” has suffered much humiliation and investigation, for six or seven years; because he is trying to help his fellow countryman and respect the call of God.

In writing this book the author of these writings, who has faced a number of issues, is very humbled to be a part of the voice of truth and has rejoiced in the depth of feeling and listening, when the Spirit Speaks.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Father God, gives us the moral strength of the Trinity; to bring these writings forward to hear, when the Spirit Speaks.