A Boy Named Jonathan

A True Story of Kindness

“In A Boy Named Jonathan, Mary Demoff has paid tribute to a special young boy who loved extending God’s kindness to everyone around him. Jonathan’s inspiring life is an example for all of us, and I know children who read Mary’s book will turn the last page and commit to carrying on Jonathan’s legacy of kindness.”

—Jim Daly, President – Focus on the Family

“A Boy Named Jonathan presents a challenging narrative in a relatable, educational, compassionate, and fun manner. Mary does an excellent job blending child-like innocence with life’s realities to show how we truly are all made in the image and likeness of God for His purposes.”

—Bob Dutko, nationally syndicated Christian talk radio host

“Great read for families! It has been said that kindness is love with work boots on. In this remarkable story, those work boots were worn by an extraordinary boy named Jonathan. His life portrayed the heart of our God because God is love.”

—Pastor Trask, Assemblies of God Michigan Superintendent

An extraordinary boy with special needs brightened the world with his kindness. Jonathan’s story will encourage children that God has created each of us wonderfully, perfectly, and with a powerful purpose! Inspire your child to be a world brightener… because everyone can choose to be kind!

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