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Joyful Leadership

Becoming the Light of Christ to the People You Lead with Love

Why would anyone want to follow you? Carol Gabriella Norbeck loves this provocative question for its focus on the relationship between leader and follower, where the heart of leadership lies.

For over 30 years, Carol has been helping leaders answer this question. Together they have discovered that the answer has two parts. First, people want leaders of great character. Second, they want to follow someone who believes leadership is about service.

Carol has researched, experimented with, and taught many different tools and practices in pursuit of this goal: to help leaders develop the character traits others want to follow and learn how to lead people with a servant’s heart.

In putting this book together, Carol started with the best leadership ideas from her research. She calls them Leader Know-How: the practical steps that form the core of leadership. Through the thousands of people with whom it has been her joy to work, she has witnessed the impact of these tools that make leaders not just good but great.