Jesus Christ, The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, The Judge of His Creation: A Study of the Book of Revelation

Do you know what the image of Jesus Christ is? How is that to look in you and me as Jesus’ followers?

Do you know what the image of the antichrist is? Do you know what the symbolism of the number 666 of the antichrist means? When Jesus writes the letters to the churches in Revelation, He is writing to us now. Do you understand what He is expecting in us? Do you know what is His view of an overcomer in Him? Come, learn the great adventure of knowing what the symbolism is in this great book of the Bible. Understand God’s ways for us in Jesus Christ so that when the counterfeit spirit shows up, you won’t be deceived and fall prey to Satan’s dark ways. Learn from the Holy Spirit to see through the darkness with His discernment.