Don’t Retire Refire discusses the life and stage of early retirement through your senior years. Sheila White takes you by the hand and enables you to explore a journey that is awaiting you to live your life fired up in your retirement years. You will find your moments of clarity as you harness the power of purpose during these years. Sheila White will help you raise your energy to a higher level as you tune in, tap in, and turn up the volume of vibrational frequency of though and belief in yourself. Each chapter will leave you with many thought provoking antidotes that counteract those stumbling block of negative fear thoughts of failure. Sheila White will help you realize that retirement does not have to be a long vacation, or time to sit down and relax for years not engaging in adventures in life.

Don’t Retire Refire is a must read for those who seek tremendous results in their personal, business, and spiritual life in their later years. You don’t have to stop or be any less great than you were when you were younger.