The main source of the stories in this book comes from the experiences relayed to me by our customers visiting the Catholic store which I and my co-partner opened the last years of our careers in teaching. (in preparation for a transition to retirement.).

A majority of my shoppers were Catholic, but there were many of other faiths including Protestants, Buddhists, Jews, Muslim and those who described themselves as atheists or agnostics.

Readers of this book may be moved by the expressions of faith by residents of our community. Reared as a Catholic, I have had questions of faith. However, I have been deeply moved by the religious fervor and faith of those who have related their experiences to me. It has truly made a difference in my life. My husband, also reared in a Catholic family, has been more skeptical of miracles of those about which we have written about. We shared an encounter together in Eloy, Arizona with the “Lady in the Bell Tower” which has had a significant impact on his life. This miraculous event has been witnessed by several hundred people of different faiths and nationalities.

The narratives of miraculous encounters in this book may have an everlasting effect on those who read it and may serve as a segue of common values to a sometimes politically and religiously divided people.