Book Overview

Aviation is about consistent good judgment, and if you read John Hruban’s story, you realize that good luck is involved along with good judgment. Flying is about the basics. John Hruban taught sound basics. That is reflected in the number of Master Pilot Awards issued to his students in rural Merrick County.

Master Pilot: The Johnny Hruban Story is the third book of a Central Nebraska aviation trilogy and rounds out the museum’s trifecta. His autobiography encapsulates Johnny’s life story. It may start with motorcycles and cars but rapidly switches to flying and the godfather of Merrick County aviation, the eccentric Amos Sigfrid Bankson. Johnny unabashedly describes his quest for the following license upgrade and the flood of students he competently mentored. In contrast, he was raising a family and looking for the upcoming best flying gig. The story is intertwined with working as a florist and an authoritative five-year Federal job, earning Hruban the NTSB Outstanding Performance Award in 1989.