Echoes of Emily

A Poem, A Play and A Short Story

Echoes of Emily is a captivating book, that weaves together three distinct narratives, each exploring the depths of emotions and the hidden facets of ordinary lives.

The first piece is a tender poem titled “Fairies in the Attic” follows a little girl named Emily who possesses boundless imagination. Through her vivid dreams and whimsical musings, she unveils a world filled with magic, wonder and possibility.

The second tale, “Neither Moth nor Rust nor Family Intrigue”, explores the façade of an ostensibly perfect family. On the surface the Williamsons of Candler, Georgia are the epitome of stability—well mannered, harmonious and pristine. However, as the story unfolds, cracks begin to emerge and the family’s idyllic image shatters.

Lastly, the collection introduces a gripping play called “Murder At The Fitzwalter High School Reunion”. The story revolves around the murder of Emily Wilson. Dark motives, hidden desires, and haunting pasts come to light, painting a haunting portrait of human nature’s complexity.

Echoes of Emily unites these diverse narratives to create a tapestry of emotions, showcasing the power of poetry, storytelling and dramatic performance. Each piece delves into the intricate layers of human psyche, exploring themes of innocence, disillusionment, greed and the consequences of hidden desires. With its rich and varied content, this book immerses readers in a world both familiar and fantastical, inviting them to reflect on the complexities that lie beneath the surface of everyday life.