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Dear Readers,

Welcome to my first publication in service and in sacrifice, to the founding of Future of the Commonwealth 2007 and the G20 during global financial crisis 2007 to 2010. My journey in post mortal redemption started after 9/11 in Art of Self Realization. Most of us are unfamiliar with mysteries and inner workings of the self and its relationship to the eternal spirit. At the sub conscious state of mind our actions “Karma” is constantly engaged in process of disintegration due to indifferences within human minds. These actions cause diverse complexities, which are challenging real-world economies and sustenance. Because this world is in a constant state of influx, what appears to be real is unreal or perceived sense of reality an illusion called Maya.

My inspiration to fulfill these conditions was from within. With the resolve of global financial crisis Post 9/11 effects, harmonizing global deficits with the G20, this book is the ultimate manifestation of divine reality which is fixed. How the world will appear to the future man and what actions might be necessary to counter effects, post an era 1945-2019 relentless wars have been fought causing pain, misery and sorrow to suffering of all mankind. This journey is an inspiration for entrepreneurs, to take on risk and explore fixed intelligence. Written in sacred texts, with much required spiritual indoctrination and trait annihilation.

I sincerely hope you gain much from my journey.


Vikram Talwar