Book Overview

It is our great joy and privilege to present this book to you. After many years in the field of marriage and family counselling, we are delighted to share the work of our lives with you. We have spent many years on the road and have journeyed with wonderful people in various congregations by God’s grace, in celebration of love between husbands and wives and within families. During this time, we have been blessed to witness healing of families, broken homes restored, and many marriages saved. Although our journey is far from over, it is time for us to change gears and start equipping younger men and women to continue the physical and practical aspects of this ministry.

One thing remains clear to us – there’s so much to be done! The enemy like a roaring lion, is increasing attacks on families to undermine the earthly expansion of God’s heavenly kingdom.

We see younger people moving aggressively into a culture of consuming, pursuing wealth, increasing dependence on digital services and social media. Families are drifting apart and away from God. According to data gleaned from the Marriage Tribunal in the Malaysian National Registration Department in 2019, on a yearly basis, financial issues come up tops as the reason marriages end in divorce.

Although we are not working with you physically, we ask the Holy Spirit to minister to you as you read our books, with the angels of God seated with you. Whether you are in need of help or whether you are seeking to help someone, we ask you to expect miracles. Our God is a miracle working God – as He has worked miracles in our marriage, he desires to work in yours, to bless you and your family. Of this we are certain and give all praise to our loving heavenly Father!

Sincerely, with our prayers and love VICTORIA AND VINCENT