As I continue to write to my children on various subjects as and when the opportunity presents itself, I have consolidated the second instalment to be published as a collection of “WHAT ANY FATHER has to Say!” series and hopefully, it may survive beyond me.

Special thanks must be given to my wife, Monica Neo Chan, who unselfishly proofread all my writings as they were being constructed and provided me with valuable advices and directions of care and concern – thank you with love.

These writings are essentially meant for my children and those with a “fair mind” to read and consider the reality of things as they happen around us. They should not and must not be taken on a “wholesale” basis and must be critically questioned over their application as they are purely my personal emotional experiences at a particular time.

As I progress over time, I like to leave words to my future generations, and hopefully, they can find some form of resolution as they labour through my thoughts demonstrated in my writings. To better demonstrate the progression of these writings, the second instalment of the book is now entitled “WHAT THAT FARTHER Has to Say! 2023” with the “second bulb” being lit. Yes, if God allows, we should see other instalments in the making!

My only wish continues to be the fact that it will come in handy for all and that may in some ways bring some kind of considerations and/or motivation for incremental thoughts on the subjects presented.

Enjoy the read and celebrate life.

“Think and grow rich with that Father!