On the Mountains and in the Valleys:

Vietnam memoir of John A. Navis through his letters & photos 1968-1969

Travel back in time to a land far away and experience the life of John Navis, an infantryman in the 1st Air Cav, through his letters to his loved ones from war-torn Vietnam.

Walk alongside him as he whacks through jungle growth, builds sandbag bunkers, wades through 4’ deep streams, climbs steep hills, and endures days of monsoon rain.

Listen to his descriptions of the tediousness and intensity of war, his laments of discouragement and despair, his words of faith in the midst of fear, his declarations of love, and his word sketches of the beauty he saw in the land.

Journey with him as he returns “to the world” after his tour of duty and experiences the rejection of an unwelcoming country.

Watch him and his wife struggle in their personal lives because they had no social or emotional support to help them deal with the after-effects of combat trauma.

Celebrate the inner healing and restoration that took place over time, by the grace and mercy of God.

And throughout every page, witness God’s faithfulness as John faced mountains and valleys –physically, emotionally, and spiritually — not only in Vietnam, but also in his life of recovery.