A Chinese Seeker’s Journey To Islam

An Autobiography of Arif Peter Pang

Man’s heart is a divine gift from God, which shall be examined upon his death. This has been disclosed to man as far back as 3,500 BCE in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

From literal evidence, the Chinese came from the Tower of Babel, Sumeria, and present Iraq and were monotheist. From other captivating information in the Old Testament, and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, The Chinese are related by blood to Abraham. The Tao Te Ching confirms the closeness between the New Testament and the Tao Te Ching between their relations. And Confucius wrote the moral laws and the Chinese practice them up to this day. My journey brought me through the ancient Chinese civilization, Jesus Christ teachings up to the coming of the Holy Koran with the seal of God’s prophets in 633 AD.