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The Inner Alphabet offers a spiritual approach for learning the ABCs. While most alphabet books are externally focused, The Inner Alphabet is internally focused. Each letter has a word and corresponding statement to help children understand the word’s meaning. The age-appropriate statements are intended to be conversation starters for adults to teach children about the mind-set and choices that form the foundation for healthy, balanced living.

For instance, A is for “Appreciation,” encouraging kids to look for things to appreciate. The letter B is for “Body;” children have bodies, but they also have souls. C is for “Confidence;” children should believe in themselves and know they are capable, and so on.

This book is an excellent tool for adults who want children to develop the habit of being self-aware, which is a key component to social and emotional wellbeing. Not only does The Inner Alphabet guide children on a path to self-realization, but it also builds literacy and vocabulary skills. Help your child learn the ABCs of authentic and happy living. It’s an alphabet book for the soul!

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