The time is 2012; the place is Minneapolis.

Darrell Edwards, first grandchild of Elijah Edwards, Sr., bears the legacy of the wealthy and powerful Edwards branch of the Christopher family, a family that sets standards rather than follows them. In keeping with the legacy, he answers the call of the ministry, in spite of the attitude of peers viewing him as a spoiled, entitled trust fund kid, which was far from the truth. Recently widowed after 18 years of marriage to his beloved wife, he faces the challenges of raising three children and the ongoing responsibilities as a straight associate pastor of a predominantly LGBT church. But is he as straight as he thinks he is?

Cesare Morelli-Montgomery is the product of a modern family, deeply loved by his sister and his two fathers. His extended family is loving but sometimes overbearing. Taking over his grandmother’s successful practice as an adoption attorney, it is a labor of love for him to help create forever families in the LGBT community. His cat, Shazam, always keeps him on point. But why does he keep getting involved with men who don’t share his own dream of love, marriage, and most importantly, children?

Will Darrell be able to find room in his heart for a second chance at love with Cesare? Will Cesare accept the adage, “Be careful what you wish for—you may get it” and go for a man who not only belongs to his kids, but a congregation?