New Persian Glory

American Novawasp Drone Ends Iranian Terrorism and Enables a new Persia

In this novel, an American businessman and his wife apply Artificial Intelligence and the Watson supercomputer to develop a multi-function drone designed to eliminate drug smugglers and terrorists. These NOVAWASPs combine to create intelligent, deadly NOVASWARMs.

The couple designs, builds and tests these man-made insects over Florida’s Everglades. The NOVAWASP is a small 3-foot weapon which carries cameras, sensors and deadly payloads. The swarm is smart enough to let missiles pass by harmlessly.

The DoD’s Advanced Projects Research Agency helps qualify the drone for nationally-important missions. NOVASWASPs are parachuted out of a C-130 aircraft to descend to the required mission altitude. Initial missions destroy Fentanyl laboratories in northern Mexico.

President Aurum is persuaded to use the new weapon to stop Iran from exporting and supporting terrorism in the Middle East. In only one mission, two aircraft drop NOVASWARMs to destroy the country’s war-making capability. The NOVAWASPs can even crash into jet canopies, explode and render them useless. A swarm destroys the power plant servicing a nuclear bomb development facility.

In the end, an interim President, an Iranian-American, oversees the implementation of a democracy modelled after the U.S. Constitution. A New Persia will build upon its glorious past.