Since the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, I have posted numerous essays and other commentaries on Facebook. They are of varying length on matters of politics, law, history, personal matters, and other subjects as well. My first book on social musings contains 142 Facebook posts. My second book is a continuation of my posts, an additional 118. My third book adds another 104. My fourth book adds 78 more. My fifth book adds another 85. My sixth book includes another 116 musings. Book 7 adds another 106 for a combined total of 752 musings.

As I’ve said throughout this series of books, I believe in an informed citizenry that relies on facts, logic, critical thinking, and reasoned judgment. At a time when too many people rely too heavily on social media and the misinformation and disinformation from those sources; at a time when anger and rage too often replace common sense and critical thinking; at a time when propaganda is accepted as fact and fact is dismissed if it flies in the face of opinion, it is hoped that the essays and social commentaries in this series of books on social media musings will inspire dialogue and further citizen involvement in their communities.