In this novel, a couple in Annapolis, Maryland creates a new device to accurately predict heart attacks and provide seasoned medical advice in real-time. They create Novacardio after determining which companies can best help them.

They enlist the aid of Dr. James Cox, the famous cardiologist from the Georgetown University Hospital who invented unique ways to keep cardiac patients alive. Dr. Cox is a consultant for the 3M Company, which provides an attachment strip that adheres a sensor patch to a smart phone, a NOVAFONE.

The new patch is a small fiber pad which contains thousands of microscopic bullhorn-shaped sensors which serve as an advanced electrocardiogram reading the actions of a human heart. To manufacture the patch, the couple selects the Kimberly-Clark Company in Fox Crossing, Wisconsin.

The smart phone supplier is Apple Computer. The patch with a two-sided strip is mounted on the back of an iPhone which uses a new ALERNA voice command to access IBM’s Watson supercomputer which sends a diagnosis in seconds.

A NOVAFONE saves the lives of both the U.S. President and the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. It becomes a seminal moment in history, as the Chinese leader realizes that his country can’t attack Taiwan and depends upon American technology for its future while they create a peaceful world.