Unlocking the Timeline Revelation in the Psalms

Daniel 12 tells us that the “sealed-up,” or “encrypted,” mysteries of Bible prophecy will only be understood by the “wise” in the final generation. We are the final generation spoken of by Daniel. Will we be wise enough to realize that God wants His Church to know about and understand the timing of the days we are living in? Or will we continue to rely on the outdated understandings of generations past?

As end times, Bible prophecy becomes more tangible in our day; God has revealed an “encrypted” sequence of years leading up to and through the fast approaching tribulation period. This mysterious sequence is located within the Psalms and clarifies many timing questions regarding major prophetic end-time events. The timing of these events has been the subject of debate for millennia. Now, at the end, God wants us to be wise and know we are the final generation to quicken our resolve to fulfill the Great Commission and bring in the greatest harvest imaginable before time runs out!

We are living in Bible times. What will be written about you?