Monkey Bottom Redux completes the Monkey Bottom Trilogy, which commenced with “Monkey Bottom” and the affair between Navy Admiral Chet Dillon and a female government employee on Naval Base Norfolk, which he commanded. The affair was cut short with the shooting death of his mistress by his wife in a neglected part of the naval base called Monkey Bottom, where the Navy wants to lease land for a casino. The disgraced admiral is forced into retirement. In the sequel, Revenge in Monkey Bottom, Dillon leaves the country to work as a liquor rep servicing Navy bases in the Caribbean. He returns to Norfolk to help secure the liquor contract for the prospective Pamunkey Indian Resort and Casino. Because the admiral’s mistress had Pamunkey blood and her murder was on sacred Pamunkey ancestral land, the tribe’s “Enforcer”, “Robert”, kills the admiral in an act of blood revenge.

In Monkey Bottom Redux, “Robert” is a mercenary for the revolutionary FARC in Colombia, where he assassinates a high-ranking Colombian Army general and flees the country via Mexico City to San Diego where a former Army Ranger buddy produces fake ID’s. He returns to Norfolk with hopes for a quieter life. He falls in love with an employee at the temporary Pamunkey casino who was the former admiral’s lover in Puerto Rico. Navy NCIS and Army CID collaborate in their search for “Robert”, which will require all their skills and resources. The highest levels in the Pentagon and State Department are brought into play on legal and extradition issues, with help from DOJ. What is “Robert’s” fate?