Racquel Requena

Racquel Requena has been an educator for over 20 years. She graduated Cum Laude from Inter-American University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Elementary Education.

Racquel also attended the University of Hartford and Fairfield University in Connecticut, where she now resides with her family. Throughout her extensive career, she has taught both children and adults. One of her many goals as a teacher is to facilitate ways for students to discover the fascinating world of reading and to promote a love for books.

As an author, Racquel’s inspiration comes from the desire to share her stories with all, especially with young readers. And to inspire young and old to become writers. She writes with passion, joy, and commitment to producing the best literature for children. In her story, Calipso, Racquel displays a sense of love and compassion for animal friends. She gives voice to her characters and the young audience an opportunity to continue to expand their imagination as they experience the meaning of true friendship.

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