Mumford starts out as a stray dog in Mississippi and thinks of himself as a superhero. One day he gets injured in a car accident, and a rescue shelter takes him in and helps him heal. Then a family from Maine calls to adopt him. Mumford must travel far to meet his new family, but he soon comes face to face with his adoptive mom and dad, his Boston terrier sister Gabby, and his human brother.

Two years after being rescued, Mumford shares what his usual day is like and tells how happy life can be with a positive attitude. He also expresses how important it is to help others. Mumford made the decision to trust; his new family made the decision to love.

Despite sometimes having a hard beginning, rescue dogs can rescue hearts. They teach us that what we might have been through does not have to define who we are. We can choose to be anything! Rescue dogs take small steps in believing in themselves—plus learning to trust, to learn, and to love everyday. They are all superheroes in their own ways. The first in a series, Mumford Saves the World teaches how making small positive choices add up to big positive change.