Book Overview

These Signs Shall Follow Them That Believe ~ Graced to be an Instrument For Him will leave the reader in awe of God’s magnificent power and how He uses ordinary individuals to do the extraordinary. This can only be done by yielding oneself completely to Him and for His glory.

In her book Mary shares, a collection of inspiring true stories of healing, deliverance, and supernatural encounters of how God used and continues to use her to bring breakthroughs to individuals and even in her own life. It will help you to embrace the grace and the gift that at times are overlooked or not easily identified in your life because of lack of knowledge, fears, and doubts.

By delving into these powerful narratives, Mary aims to encourage readers to remain open to the possibility of miracles in their own lives. To walk in their divine calling that is mandated for their lives, foster a deeper sense of gratitude, and strengthens their belief in the transformative power of the Almighty God.